At the Forum

At the Forum

This is a sketch I did from one of the photos my daughter emailed from her visit to Rome. I remember this view when we were in Rome some years ago but didn’t sketch it then. Thanks, Julie for the photo!

Monet Copy

Monet copy

As a practice piece, I copied a Monet painting. Trying to loosen up my style. I stayed away from small brushes and detail and to see what I could accomplish in less than an hour and with a limited palette. This is the result…very different for me. Monet would not be pleased with my interpretation!

TuLane Restaurant 2

EPSON scanner image

This was the second commission by the staff. The replacement for the original restaurant across the road. This restaurant was on the corner of Hwy 8 and TuLane Road and continued as a popular stop for a number of years. I believe it is a Tim Hortons doughnut shop now.The area is all built up now with many stores.