Back around 1995 I was approached by a group of ladies who wanted to give a gift to a popular well known Mennonite midwife who was retiring after many years. Unfortunately I have forgotten her name, but this is what I produced to commemorate her life as a midwife.

Midwife 001

“Anyone Can Learn To Paint” Video 1993

 I came across a VHS video that my daughter, Julie and I recorded back in 1993. I had it transferred to digital and thought it would be interesting to play it here. Julie tried to get me to do more takes as I was very stiff and serious looking, but I was already uncomfortable and didn’t think it would get any better. I think she did a fantastic job considering what she had to work with.

New Hamburg Sketches

USkWR group met in New Hamburg on Saturday for our first of three sketch outing for our Show to be held in the Bitte Schon Brauhaus, August 25th, 5-7 pm. I decided on sketching one side of Huron St. We only sketched for about 1 1/2 hours so I only had time to do a pen and ink sketch. I added the watercolour at home. We then did our throwdown in a local restaurant where we had a nice meal and some great conversation. Hopefully I can complete a sketch on site next time. #uskwr, #uskwaterlooregion.

Sketching SunLife Financial

I set up my easel to sketch the SunLife Financial today at 12:30 p.m. in Waterloo with the intension of painting a larger watercolour for an upcoming show. What with the cold and wind, I decided to work out the proportions in my small sketch book and come back on a warmer day. Well, even trying a small sketch was too much for wussy me, so after only about an hour I decided to head to the warmth of the Heuther where I was able to scratch #42 off the 52 week challenge. By 3:45 the other hardier sketchers arrived for our throwdown.

#one week100people2018

 Marc Holmes has challenged sketchers to sketch 100 people in one week. So I have accepted that challenge. Day 3 and I’ve sketched 51 people. It looks like I have to pick up my pace to reach the final goal by Friday. Using a variety of instruments…..water soluble pens, micron pens, ink brushes, markers. Next I’m going to attempt to sketch with just a watercolour brush.

Drop-in Life drawing session

 Last Tuesday I dropped in to a life drawing class at the Button Factory in Waterloo. I haven’t been to one of these in over 25 years. I found it was a real work out and really miss stretching my drawing skills. The first two sketches were 5 minute poses although I came in a little late, so the first sketch was more like 3 minutes. The next two were 10 minutes and the last two were 15 minutes. Hope to make this a steady workout.


Victoria St., Bridge Demolition

victoria St 2

I joined Trent, Karen and Marion in sketching the demolition of this bridge today. We were surprised how much was done…we thought we would be able to see more of the bridge but also were surprised at the number of machines at work. In spite of the cold we persevered for a few hours and then rewarded ourselves with hot chocolate and tea. I added a little more contrast once I got home. #usk_wr.