Watercolour Workshop at @aldercreekstudio1

Joined with other fellow artists for a watercolour workshop today. Instructor Marion Anderson demonstrated first and then we attempted to replicate what she did.


This is my attempt as we blocked out what would be the birch trees. We added salt to the wet paint to make falling snow…neat idea!


My completed watercolour.

See how the salt reacted with the wet paint ?


In the afternoon I painted this scene looking out the windows of the studio on a much larger sheet of paper. There were some amazing paintings produced and a wonderful time spent with very creative artists.


Descendants Beer & Beverage Co.

 Today I headed to Descendants at 319 Victoria St., N., Kitchener, who were hosting a Parking Lot Hockey Tournament.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete #34 of the 52 Week Challenge…to sketch a hockey game. But this gave me the opportunity and now I can check off #34.

Also while waiting for teams to show up I sampled a glass of their unique beer and sketched inside. Once the games began, I opted to stand just inside the door to sketch the game as it was snowing heavily.

Boy was it challenging to sketch moving targets.

Old sketches

Yesterday I was going through some of my old sketch books and came across these sketches I produced for potential paintings. Some of these did actually end up as paintings. But I thought that it was interesting to revisit my thought process from that time. It made me appreciate the pencil work of fellow urban sketchers Marianne Coleman and Pat Krywy.

Perth Kilt Run 2017

 The Perth Kilt Run 2017 is happening I believe, around end of June. I’m pleased that one of my paintings is being used as a backdrop for the event for their “All Things Maple” theme. The image below is a sample of what will be on the runners shirts with their number and name.PWRKR_2017_BibMaple1_M-C

Tripod Easel part 2

Back in December I posted my tripod experiment for an upcoming watercolour workshop. I said I would post a follow up on how the easel performed.

It was very successful for that workshop but I wanted to make it more portable with less pieces to put together.

So here is what I did. I cut down the platform that attaches to the tripod so it would fit onto my sketch folder for carrying. Now I can open my sketch folder and clip to the platform. I eliminated the tray for holding my paints and water. I can now just clip the watercolour tray on to my open sketch folder as shown in photos. I can also clip a water cup. It’s so much more portable now.


This was the first prototype.

These are photos of my final (maybe) design.

Daytripping Newspaper

If you haven’t heard of  Daytripping, you’re missing a wonderful reading experience. I’ve been associated with this newspaper for many years and have been privileged to have many of my paintings on their front cover including this Spring issue.

It is chock full of tourist information covering southwestern Ontario and very interesting and humorous articles.

You can pick up a copy from over 1000 locations and it’s free.

Daytripping spring 2017



St. Jacobs Antique Market

Spent Sunday afternoon at the St. Jacobs Antique Market with Urban Sketchers Waterloo Region. Great turn out! So much to sketch! I used graphite on two and brown ink on the watercolour. I added the watercolour at home and then sketched in ink, no bleeding…I’m learning.