Town Hall Redone

You may remember this from a week ago when I spritzed water on my sketch, not realizing that the ink was not permanent? Big oops!

Well, I attempted to save it by redoing the lines I lost. I think it came out alright…I couldn’t resist adding more detail though.

Actually, I think I’ll add a splash of colour to the paper next time, before I start a sketch. I like the results. It may help me to loosen up a bit. We’ll see.

Cambridge Farmers Market, circa 1930’s

I sketched this market from a pamphlet I picked up when Alan Norsworthy and I sketched downtown Galt, Ontario, Canada, last week.

I wanted to practice using a water soluble ink brush with watercolour. I screwed up a sketch when I spritzed water on my drawing last week, not realizing the ink was not permanent.

Videos I watched showed that you can work with these inks…so here is my attempted to master this medium.

I used a Faber-Castell  Pitt artist pen, Sakura watercolour brush, Tombow water soluble brush and gouache.



Sketching in Cambridge (Galt)

Joined Alan today to sketch old buildings in Cambridge (Galt). Met up at the Melville Cafe at 9:30 and got some hot drinks because it was COLD. But in spite of the cold we persevered and stood in the entrance ways of stores to get out of the wind and sketched for 4 hours.

I’m trying to loosen up my drawing and to be quicker like Alan, but I still get bogged down with detail.

I was really pleased with the one sketch I did with blue ink of the old town hall. Directly went to ink…no pre drawing with pencil and it worked…until I added water. I forgot the ink was water soluble. Interesting results.


Doon Heritage Village

sketch-doon-village-001This is a pencil sketch I did in 1996 in the Doon Heritage Village in Kitchener, Ontario. There have been many changes and improvements since then. The buildings are in much better condition now.