Celebrating Chinese New Year

Today, 7 members of Urban Sketchers Waterloo Region met up to sketch and eat at the Cameron Chinese Seafood Restaurant to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster.

While waiting for our meal I sketched the tea pot and tea cup.

Then the meal came. The problem right away …to eat while meal is hot or sketch it first.  So I filled my plate and thought …. hey! Once I sketch a morsel I should be able to eat it and that is what I did. Delicious meal and great company and some wonderful artwork. Some of the patrons and staff were kind and seemed pleased with our efforts.

Yacht Demo watercolour

This is the demonstration painting I did at the watercolour workshop on Saturday. I actually had to complete it at home as we ran out of time. I’m quite happy with it, but I went a little heavy on the ropes and the colours went a little flat but I learned a lot, thanks to our instructor, Hasib who made it look so easy…yah, right.


Fall Chores

This painting was done in early 90’s. The car in the driveway is a red 1957 Chevrolet, just like the one my brother owned. I on the other hand drove a grey 1949 Chevrolet I called “The Grey Sickness” which I painted on the back fenders. I love painting scenes from my childhood.  EPSON scanner image

Spinning Wheel

This is an 18″ x 24″oil painting on masonite board from 1986 that I kept. The price is $1800.00. This was a favourite subject of mine, to paint everyday chores from the past.


Daddy’s Home

This is a 12″ x 16″ oil painting on masonite board from my archives, dated 1988. One of the artist I was influenced by was Norman Rockwell and I did a series of paintings that were reminiscent of his era… and mine. Price is $800.00.


Trimming the Tree

 I’ve received some e-mails inquiring purchasing originals and I realized that I hadn’t provided  a venue  to display my originals. I’ve just been concentrating on selling reproductions.

So I’m in the process of adding another category to my wordpress webpage titled “Originals for Sale” and I will be adding what originals I have at present over the next few weeks. The information will include the price, of course, size, medium and a little history.

The first is a 24″ x 30″oil painting on masonite. The price is $2658.00 (incl HST). Shipping is extra.

This image was used by a promotional company I contracted with to produce cookie and candy tins for the corporate market.

There are reproductions of this image available on roger-witmer.pixels.com.  (Tins are sold out)


Tripod easel

For an upcoming all day watercolour course, I made this easel.

I purchased the easel and carrying case on kijiji for $5.00 and scrounged around in my tool box and MacGyvered this together. I purchased two plastic containers from Dollarama to hold water and drilled holes to hold brushes.

I still want to design a platform for the canvas that is smaller and more portable to take on sketching outings but for now this will have to do….I’ll report back how it performed after the watercolour course in January.