Sketching in Cambridge (Galt)

Joined Alan today to sketch old buildings in Cambridge (Galt). Met up at the Melville Cafe at 9:30 and got some hot drinks because it was COLD. But in spite of the cold we persevered and stood in the entrance ways of stores to get out of the wind and sketched for 4 hours.

I’m trying to loosen up my drawing and to be quicker like Alan, but I still get bogged down with detail.

I was really pleased with the one sketch I did with blue ink of the old town hall. Directly went to ink…no pre drawing with pencil and it worked…until I added water. I forgot the ink was water soluble. Interesting results.


Yacht Demo watercolour

This is the demonstration painting I did at the watercolour workshop on Saturday. I actually had to complete it at home as we ran out of time. I’m quite happy with it, but I went a little heavy on the ropes and the colours went a little flat but I learned a lot, thanks to our instructor, Hasib who made it look so easy…yah, right.


Tripod easel

For an upcoming all day watercolour course, I made this easel.

I purchased the easel and carrying case on kijiji for $5.00 and scrounged around in my tool box and MacGyvered this together. I purchased two plastic containers from Dollarama to hold water and drilled holes to hold brushes.

I still want to design a platform for the canvas that is smaller and more portable to take on sketching outings but for now this will have to do….I’ll report back how it performed after the watercolour course in January.