Old sketches

Yesterday I was going through some of my old sketch books and came across these sketches I produced for potential paintings. Some of these did actually end up as paintings. But I thought that it was interesting to revisit my thought process from that time. It made me appreciate the pencil work of fellow urban sketchers Marianne Coleman and Pat Krywy.

Fall Chores

This painting was done in early 90’s. The car in the driveway is a red 1957 Chevrolet, just like the one my brother owned. I on the other hand drove a grey 1949 Chevrolet I called “The Grey Sickness” which I painted on the back fenders. I love painting scenes from my childhood.  EPSON scanner image

Jakobstettel Country Inn


While operating my gallery in St. Jacobs, Ontario, I painted this popular B&B, “Jakobstettle Country Inn” with the intention of providing 8″x10″limited edition prints for their clients to purchase as a memento of their stay. It proved to be a good business decision as I sold out the edition. This was back in the early 90’s. I just did a search and it seems it is closed now and in disrepair. What a shame.