Caius’ Closet


This cupboard from The Merry Wife’s of Windsor play caught my eye at the Stratford Archives.

It was very dark inside the cupboard so I sat quite close and sketched a partial section of it. Again I added a spritz of water to my colour and watched it bleed. It’s exciting to watch this but also stressful as one doesn’t know how it will end up. What I may have to do is allow the brown ink to dry longer to control the bleeding a bit more.

If you look closer you can see an owl in the cage.

Sketching at The Stratford Archives


The Urban Sketchers Waterloo Region received permission to let us have access to the Stratford Archives on Saturday. A good number of us spent a wonderful time sketching costumes. I sketched these two costumes from the King Lear play. After sketching with my brown ink pen, I added watercolour and then spritzed water on the drawing to allow the colour to do it’s thing. The ink ran a little more than I wanted but I kind of like the effect. It allows me to loosen up my art a bit.

Blacksmith Shop pencil sketch


This is a sketch I did years ago for an oil painting which I never completed. My joining Urban Sketchers Waterloo Region, has rekindled my desire to get back to painting which I had taken a 7 year hiatus from. So delving into my archives of my many sketches is giving me an abundance of material, although the outings with the USkWR is giving me more fresher material. Stay tuned for new artwork!