Santa Croce Piazza, Florence

In 2009 we spent a month in Florence in an apartment just off this piazza. My wife and I would make a lunch and sit on the steps of the church and observe the activity in the piazza and I would sketch. Every day was something different. In this sketch they were setting up tents for a market for the next day. Another day they had a huge set-up for a marathon race. In the photo you will notice a curb like oval. This was the track used for chariot races in the day.

City Hall Clock Tower

City Hall Clock Tower

Sketched the City Hall Clock Tower in Victoria park today with the Urban Sketchers Waterloo Region Group. Great turnout (23 of us) and a marvelous day it was!

This Clock Tower was placed in the park after being stored in the city yards for years, after the demolition of the old city hall.

Clock Tower photo

This is what I worked from.

Queen Victoria

Queen photoQueen Victoria

Out with Urban Sketchers Waterloo Region Group in this marvelous weather today in Victoria Park, Kitchener, Ontario. Sat down in the shade and sketched this formidable lady before meeting up with the other sketchers for our throwdown at The Boathouse.













With Urban Sketchers in Lowville, Ont.

cocktail hour

I sketched this monument in a garden of sculptors in Lowville, Ont. today with the Urban Sketchers of Waterloo Region. The title of this piece was “Cocktail Hour”. I had the pleasure of meeting the artist, Walt Rickli and he explained to me the origin of that title. He had observed the shadow falling onto the circles at 5p.m., hence the cocktail hour. Makes perfect sense to me;-)






View of Athens from the river Llissos


When in Athens some years ago,Anne and I happened to visit the Benaki Museum. To my surprise I came across this watercolour painted by a J. M. Wittmer in 1833. My ancestors  spelled our name with two t’s also. Johann Michael Wittmer was born 1n 1802 and died in Munich in 1880. I also painted the acropolis on the hill, and Anne and I walk among those pillars in the foreground, now a park, which are now surrounded by the city of Athens. Quite a coincidence!

Whitemud Falls,Alta

Whitemud Falls

Whitemud Falls, Alta is about 100 km northeast of Fort McMurray,Alta. just 14 km from the Saskatchewan border. This is the falls we flew to and canoed out in 1983 and 84.

This painting was fairly large and was purchased by the Sudbury Hospital. These falls are on the Clearwater River which runs into the Athabasca River and then on to the Fraser River to the coast.

This was a popular route for fur traders and  this river and falls were mentioned in Simon Frasers’ journals. Image !!…I stood where Simon Fraser stood!!! Wow!!