Whitemud Falls,Alta

Whitemud Falls

Whitemud Falls, Alta is about 100 km northeast of Fort McMurray,Alta. just 14 km from the Saskatchewan border. This is the falls we flew to and canoed out in 1983 and 84.

This painting was fairly large and was purchased by the Sudbury Hospital. These falls are on the Clearwater River which runs into the Athabasca River and then on to the Fraser River to the coast.

This was a popular route for fur traders and  this river and falls were mentioned in Simon Frasers’ journals. Image !!…I stood where Simon Fraser stood!!! Wow!!


Chapel Point


This is a painting commissioned by a Christian summer camp organization near Huntsville, Ontario . They initially wanted to auction the original and for me to produce 250 limited edition prints to help raise funds at their 75th anniversary celebration. When I heard they had been at this for such a long time I suggested that they increase the edition to 1000. They were worried that they wouldn’t be able to sell so many at the event, but I assured them that they could still offer them after the event and to new families over the years. As it turned out they sold all of them at the event.
I made a number of trips to the camp and wandered around taking photos and making sketches. I chose this view from the girls camp looking towards the boys camp. If you look through the trees just to the right of center, I used artistic license to indicate their open air chapel.






Mennonite Bridge

Years ago the Mennonites ask the township for a bridge across the Conestoga River. The Township priced the job at $20,000 at that time but was not in the budget. The mennonites offered to do the job themselves at no cost to the Township. The Township agreed of course and this bridge was built ( at the cost of $300.00 by the way). It was built in such a way as to allow the water to flow over the bridge during flooding so as not to create an obstruction. Ingenious!!

Graham commission

Graham comm

This painting  in 2005 was a commission by the Graham family of their family cottage. Mrs. Graham’s father had recently passed away. So on a whim,…. if you look to the right in the water, I added an image of her father doing what he loved…fishing.

I was prepared to eliminate the father if it didn’t go over well, but fortunately it brought happy tears to the family. Now their father is forever at the cottage with them.