On the Clearwater River

Moose copy

In 1983 and 1984, I had the opportunity to fly in a float plane to White Mud Falls on the Clearwater River, 100km north-east of Fort McMurray, Alta. Once in May when there was still ice along the shores, and then in June when we had to deal with mosquitoes. This is one of the 30 paintings I completed and sold in a show in Fort McMurray the following year. What an experience that was!!

Making Home made Maple Syrup

Making home made Maple Syrup

This is Carl , his wife was one of students back around 1998. They invited us to help make maple syrup in their back yard. They tapped their own trees and cooked the sap on this home made “cooker”. The neighbor boy cooked some weiners in the syrup as the sap boiled off….tasted delicious!! After it boiled down to maple syrup we poured it from the large black tray through cheese cloth into containers. They were so kind, they gave us some to take home. What an experience!!


B.C.Dome, False Creek, B.C.

EPSON scanner image
B.C. Dome, False Creek, B.C.
I came across this image in my archive file recently.I was commissioned to do a painting of the then, new B. C. Dome in the early 1980’s to be reproduced as limited edition collector plates. I believe they produced 2000 editions. I was informed at that time that it was the first collectible produced of the new Dome.